Witness all the robotic-assisted technologies in Joint Replacement existing worldwide on a single platform

Extravaganza of latest technological advancements in Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement

“Precision is key for a successful surgery, and Robotic-Assisted Arthroplasty offer unparalleled precision“ - the conference will delve into the importance of PRECISION in robotic Arthroplasty

Experience and knowledge sharing by Keynote speakers on how Robotic-Assisted Surgery enhances precision, accuracy, and reproducibility of surgical outcomes

Biggest Registry of the Data based evidence sharing- How the technologies have improved the patient outcomes and satisfaction

Hear from global leaders about their experiences and insights on the Power of technology including the use of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, and their potential benefits in improving surgical outcomes

Extravaganza of Live surgeries covering Unicondylar to Revision surgeries with cutting-edge technologies & techniques.

Participate in hands-on workshops, an opportunity to get practical exposure to the latest robotic-assisted surgical systems and learn from experts

Network with peers and experts in the field, and exchange ideas and best practices for achieving Progressive innovation & growth in your practice

Join us for the plethora of opportunities to get exposure to the innovations, and growth in the field of robotic-assisted surgery through various panel discussions and Q and A sessions with experts

One of its kind opportunities to learn about all the Alignment Philosophies.

Unique opportunity to learn everything about modern implant designs.